Make people you care about feel special

Send beautiful eLetters with PostOwl

1. Create your letter

Use our beautiful editor to create your letter. Inserting photos has never been so easy.

You can create your own 'letter head' and choose a theme that reflects your style.We automatically save drafts so you can come back later when you're feeling inspired.

2. Send

Choose who to send to from your contacts. We'll email, and optionally send a text message, to let them know you've sent them a letter.

They click a link to view their letter. No login is required to view it (it's at a secret address so it's private between you and the recipient). Your letter will be perfectly formatted to fit their screen so that it's a pleasure to read.

3. Interact

There's space to leave comments at the bottom. If you've sent the same letter to several people they can join a conversation together.

It's easy to see who's read your letters from the stats on your dashboard. You can set reminders to keep in touch with people: 'Write to Mum every two months', or 'send Bob a birthday letter every year'.

The archive shows you all the letters you've ever sent and received with PostOwl.