What is PostOwl?

PostOwl is an open-source web application that let’s you create your own website for:

  • blogging (public posts)
  • sharing letters (share secret links with friends and notify them by email)
  • keeping a journal or diary (private posts)

All your writing in one place!

A key feature of PostOwl is ‘in-place’ editing that makes it super easy and fast to update your site.

Why would I use PostOwl?

If you want your own website for ‘writing letters’ (blog, journal or sharing privately with friends), PostOwl is for you!

Even if you only use one of those features, you might like PostOwl better than alternatives. It’s the fastest app like this we know and we haven’t found anything that’s easier to use!

With PostOwl you own your own data. The application is open-source. Noone can take it away from you.

Who made PostOwl?

Tom came up with the idea for PostOwl sometime around 2014. It took me nearly ten years to make it a reality!

Michael wrote most of the initial code for PostOwl. Tom contacted Michael after following his work on ‘web editors’ for about ten years - nearly as long as I’d been thinking about PostOwl! Check out his post on implementing a rich text editor in 2023. Michael is a JavaScript wizard. You should hire him!


New contributors welcome! Check out the code on GitHub.