Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make using PostOwl super fast!

They only work for signed in users.

  • h go to home page
  • f go to friends page
  • n new letter
  • e edit current letter (or profile if on home page)
  • m toggle menu modal
  • esc close menu modal

Letter action shortcuts

  • cmd or ctrl + s - save / send letter
  • cmd or ctrl + enter - save / send letter

cmd is the command key on Macs, on Windows and Linux ctrl is the control key.

Editor shortcuts

In addition to the controls at the top of the editor window, PostOwl supports Markdown. For example you can use:

  • ** either side of a word to make it bold
  • To insert a code block you can use three backticks ``` and then start a new line.
  • To exit a code block press shift + enter.

See the reference guide for more shortcuts.